C3 COLLEGE ONLINE
                      Study individually online OR in a facilitated group,
                      accredited or unaccredited.  
                      For available courses –
                 CAP Money
                     Money management & debt reduction courses run locally
                     upon request.  More info – 
                 Body IQ & Relationship IQ
                     Age appropriate courses for young people around healthy
                     sexuality and respectful relationships   
                     More info -  
                The Real Me
                     School program for teenage girls around self-esteem,
                      body image and being proud of who you are. 
                      Program initiated from C3 Bridgman Downs Qld. 
                      A series of discussions exploring life and the Christian faith in
                      a friendly, open and judgement-free environment where you 
                      where you can ask anything! -
                      For info on any of these courses, call Rose on 0405 952 335